Photo of Dustin Byerley Brand Consultant


I’m Dustin Byerley. A brand strategist and designer with a focus on identity and purpose. I help transform businesses from average to exceptional.


Utilizing, both, proven brand development processes and personal development, I help harmonize how you see yourself and how your business communicates with the world.

Brand Development

A brand is the gut instinct someone has about your business. I’ll take you through a process of discovery, establish your core brand statements and then design a visual identity that communicates your unique offering with relevancy and style.


Design & Media Production

Once a brand is established businesses often need collateral produced to support their products and services. Our award-winning design and media production services include:


  • Graphic design

  • Product design

  • Packaging

  • Digital and print ads

  • Photography

  • Video


My rates are simple. I charge $100 per hour to develop your brand and ask a 5% merchandise licensing fee.


When you’re ready to take this journey I would be honored to help.